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By Danny Suter:  Part of my vision at BPN is to provide a network of resources for athletes and clients. Resources that will help each individual reach their personal goals and help them perform at optimal levels. The following companies and professionals have demonstrated expertise, passion, and service of the highest level. They are athletes, so they know about the real world just like you. You can count on these network members to help you reach your goals. Some provide special services for BPN clients. Please contact each provider directly to learn how they can help you.

The Sports Garage:
2705 Spruce St., Boulder, CO 80301: 303-473-0033: In my view, performance, enjoyment and injury prevention in cycling starts with a bike that fits YOU. I have had dozens of bike fits over the years and The Sports Garage provides the most thorough fits I’ve ever experienced. Then they follow through with a commitment and service level that is unmatched by other retailers. If you are looking for a new road or mountain bike, call sports garage, schedule a bike fit and soon you will be on a bike that fits you, your budget, and your riding style! Visit the Sports Garage Site for information on the fit process, services and bike available.

Boulder Cycle Sport
4580 North Broadway and 629 South Broadway, Boulder CO: 303-444-2453: Yes, I have to recommend another shop!! Why? Well, the folks at Boulder Cycle Sport have really demonstrated a passionate commitment to our cycling community. Here are some words from the founders:

Simply put, we all love to ride, race, commute, and share the love of cycling with everyone we meet, whether it be in our shop, out on the road, at the trailhead, or via Twitter! Our mission at Boulder Cycle Sport is to provide top notch customer service and to only sell products we trust and use ourselves. Period.

Boulder Cycle Sport grew out of a mutual love of cycling between two college friends. Taro Smith and Brandon Dwight founded the shop in 2005 in order to provide the best bike shop experience and to serve all levels of cyclists. Their extensive competitive cycling experience brings you the very best perspective on products that will exceed your expectations. Don’t let this intimidate you. The shop is very well rounded, and we love to help all our customers equally. Whether you are looking for your next race bike or a bike for your child, we have what you need.

Staying true to our love of cycling has allowed us create a shop that is well known and respected locally in the Boulder community, as well as on a national level. To keep you riding more often, we strive to offer the best of everything: customer service, sales support, mechanical assistance, fit services, trade-in opportunities, events, and information. We hope you stop in and say hello or join us for a ride soon!

Colorado Multisport:
2705A-1 Spruce St., Boulder, CO 80302: 303-865-4604: Colorado Multisport is the new destination for Front Range triathletes. Combining advanced fitting and a range of specialty gear for completing and competing in triathlons, Colorado Multisport is not just another Boulder bike shop. We help beginners, new moms, busy executives, weekend warriors, and world-class professional athletes. Schedule an appointment for our private fitting studio today and you’ll find friendly, relaxed, personal attention and a mouth-watering selection of triathlon-specific bikes in our showroom. Former Ironman athlete Tim Troha has partnered with Sports Garage to provide a full spectrum of products and services guaranteed to elevate your experience at every level.
1640 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80301: 303-938-0389: Body work has been an integral part of my training and lifestyle for many years. I have seen the results of regular treatment. has dozens of therapists each with their own specialty which makes it easy to find one that suites your individual needs. Visit the site for information about their therapists, rates and scheduling.

North Boulder Chiropractic:
1280 Yellow Pine, Boulder, CO 80304: 303-449-7887: Chiropractic care has been a critical contributor to good health during my long athletic career. Dr. David Boynton has a rare gift for healing. His approach to health and wellness is comprehensive. Of particular interest is Dr. Boynton’s use of Erchonia’s cold laser (“TdF Technology”), to treat injuries and optimize performance. The starting point for performance and enjoyment of sport is good health. Visit the North Boulder Chiropractic site to learn more about Dr. Boynton and the services he offers.

Cary Gold Physical Therapy:
5377 Manhattan Cir., Ste. 102, Boulder, CO 80303: 303-449-7611: The pinnacle of optimal performance is built upon the solid foundation of a healthy body. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, BPN focuses on training healthy bodies. For rehabilitation, corrective physical therapy is crucial. The Cary Gold Physical Therapy Clinic treats a wide varies of sports injuries with Manual Manipulative and Traditional Physical Therapy techniques. Cary offers medical bike fits for clients who already own a bike they love, sport/injury specific Pilates training, and custom orthotic prescription and fabrication.

Sandy Bertrand, MPT:
Nederland PT, PC dba Sandy Bertrand PT: 303-641-4441. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology in 1994 and my Masters in Physical Therapy in 1996, both from Old Dominion University. I have spent my 11 years as a physical therapist working in a variety of orthopedic settings with emphasis on comprehensive sports rehabilitation. My clinical approach includes lower chain biomechanics, neuromuscular training, manual therapy and fabrication of foot orthoses. I have been fabricating in house orthotics for over 10 years. The clinical services I offer include: Manual therapy (including spine, upper quadrant and ribs, lumbosacral joint, hip and entire lower chain), Gait analysis and detailed biomechanical analysis, movement analysis and training, strength and conditioning, fabrication of orthotics including in-house custom orthotics using a weight bearing cast, and lab orthotics using suspension or weight bearing cast. Outside of work, I can be found running, cycling, and skiing.

Julie E. Emmerman Psy. D.:
1634 Walnut St., Ste. 221, Boulder, CO 80302: 720-839-7350: Julie is a doctor of Clinical Psychology, who specializes in working with athletes. She offers unique specialties in health and sport psychology. Sport Psychology is designed to facilitate optimal performance as well as assist with major transitions such as illness, injury, and negotiating demands of everyday life. Julie provides sport psychology services to Slipstream/Chipotle presented by H30 Mens Professional Cycling Team. She also works with numerous individual elite and amateur athletes who range in disciplines such as wrestling, track and field, mixed martial arts, and triathlon. Please visit her web site for more information at

Forbes-Grayson Nutritional Services:
Boulder, CO: 303-710-5050: The body can’t perform without the right fuel. If you have done everything right and find yourself struggling, your nutritional choice may be sabotaging your enjoyment and performance. Meg Forbes is a nutritionist and competitive athlete. She understands real world nutrition and how it impacts you. To take you performance to the next level, contact Meg for a consultation.

Fleet Feet Running:
2624 Broadway, Boulder CO, 80304: 303-939-8000: Thank god for good shoes! Far more important than the brand, the color, or the nifty features is a shoe that fits YOUR feet and a shoe that is right for the running/walking that you do. Fleet Feet follows a thorough FIT PROCESS to ensure that you find shoes that optimize comfort and performance while minimizing potential for injury. Not only are Fleet Feet employees well trained in the fitting process, they too are runners – they understand the needs of other runners from beginner to elite. Visit the Fleet Feet site for more information on their fit service.

Dave Sheldon Rolfing:
Rolfing® Structural Initiation / Bodies in Balance, 2400 28th St., #105, Boulder, CO 80301: 303-519-2412. / When the body’s connective tissue becomes compromised due to injury, overuse or daily stress, pain and inhibited joint range of motion may result. This is where Certified Rolfer Dave Sheldon comes in, as he can skillfully use mild direct pressure to “melt” connective tissue adhesions and align your body in gravity so you can function as a coordinated whole. Dave is happy to work with the competitive minded and those who appreciate less vigorous pastimes like walking or yoga.

Ian Adamson

Danny Suter is one of the most experienced and skilled endurance coaches in the multi-sport business. I highly recommend his training programs for adventure athletes of any level or for people wanting to hone their skills or fitness.

- Ian Adamson, Eight-time world champion adventure racer and author of Runner’s World’s Guide to Adventure Racing.


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