Critical Performance Factors

“… the art and science of optimal performance …”

Fitness:  Of course, fitness is critical to performance in sports and especially competition.  See our Fitness Philosophy page (insert link to the Fitness Philosophy page) which describe our general approach to developing peak fitness.  Taking performance to the highest level, however, requires a more through approach.  There is much more to performance and enjoyment in competition than fitness.

Skill:  All sports require as specific skill set necessary to achieve performance.  Generally, skills can be categorized as hard/technical skills or soft/general skills.  Having first hand knowledge of your sport, our coaches help determine any deficiency in critical skills and schedule training to make improvements.

Experience:  Experience is indispensable; it brings the wisdom that allows an athlete to APPLY their fitness and skill towards achieving their objective in the dynamic environment of competition.  Experience, like fitness and skills, can be developed in a terms of both general and specific (race or event specific) ways that are appropriate for each athlete’s goals, back ground and sport type.  Generally, developing experience requires participating in events similar to goal events to help athletes begin to bring together fitness and skills developed in training.

Mental Ability:  We focus on three fundamental techniques that are well proven to positively affect performance.  Effective goal setting, visualization and mantras (phrases for self talk) are the mental skills techniques used by BPN athletes.

Teamwork:  In many sports like road cycling and adventure racing, teamwork is essential to advancing performance.  BPN coaches guide athletes in determining key components of finding a good team and developing teamwork.

By addressing these five critical performance factors, athletes achieve a great level of performance and enjoyment in pursuit of their objectives.


Ian Adamson

Danny Suter is one of the most experienced and skilled endurance coaches in the multi-sport business. I highly recommend his training programs for adventure athletes of any level or for people wanting to hone their skills or fitness.

- Ian Adamson, Eight-time world champion adventure racer and author of Runner’s World’s Guide to Adventure Racing.


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