Fitness Philosophy

General Health:  Performance cannot be built upon poor health.  Before addressing training plans and schedules we encourage athletes to first address any physical health issues from qualified health professionals.  Also, athletes are encouraged to full recover from previous training & racing seasons and to seek a balanced life as we consider preparing for general fitness training.  BPN coaches are not a one-stop shop.  We have a NETWORK of resource available for our athletes seeking to address general health issues.

General Health: Mental & Emotional Readiness

General & Specific Fitness: Fitness:  In preparing an athlete for optimal performance, we seek to consider both the ART and SCIENCE of training.

Regarding the science of training, we stick to the fundamentals.  Simple, scientific training principles for developing fitness are well documented.  When properly implemented, these fundamentals stimulate improved performance.

However, applying these principles to each individual take some finesse.  While much information is available regarding fundamental training principles, the vast majority of individuals fail to implement them properly.  Despite the seeming simplicity, the application can be confusing, counter intuitive and intimidating for many self trained amateurs.  This is where a good coach comes in.  While training principles may be cut and dry, each individual is indeed unique.  Application of fundamentals must be tailored to individual goals, experience, physical ability, skills, etc.  A well-rounded, holistic approach to fitness and training leads to a healthier individual and ultimately better performance.

Peak Fitness:  Peak fitness results when the entire spectrum of factors affecting an individual’s health, fitness, and performance must be considered and deficiencies addressed to ensure sustainable progress.  Without exception, all systems of the body, mind & spirit are interconnected.  All aspects must work together harmoniously to produce optimal performance regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your goals.  Upon a solid foundation, we build a high level of general fitness that applies to our athlete’s goals.  With that general fitness corner stone in place, we address race/event specific fitness to stimulate the ultimate level of readiness.




Ian Adamson

Danny Suter is one of the most experienced and skilled endurance coaches in the multi-sport business. I highly recommend his training programs for adventure athletes of any level or for people wanting to hone their skills or fitness.

- Ian Adamson, Eight-time world champion adventure racer and author of Runner’s World’s Guide to Adventure Racing.


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