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The growth of personal training in the past decade has been explosive.  The benefits of exercise are clear and many American’s have realized the importance of exercising properly.  Under the guidance of an educated, certified personal trainer, individuals can improve their health and fitness, loss weight, avoid injury, and improve performance more quickly and with much greater effect than training on their own.

At Boulder Performance Network LLC, we believe in an integrated approach to personal training.  All aspects of the Kinetic Chain (neurological, muscular, & skeletal), the clients experience, goals, abilities, and the entire fitness spectrum (strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, & coordination) are addressed in a systematic training methodology based on the latest scientific research.

The foundation of Integrated Personal Training is one on one training session between client and trainer.  Under the direction and supervision of a certified trainer, clients perform prescribe exercises progressing through training STAGES to increase the strength and fitness necessary to achieve their individual goals.  Each STAGE is design to achieve a specific physiological adaptation.

By employing a wide variety of exercises and stimulating the body’s different systems, training produces OPTIMAL results and is simply more fun and interesting for the client.

Training sessions take place at Sam Innetta’s Functional Fitness Center located at 2868 30th St. in Boulder.  Functional Fitness is an ideal space for personal training with everything necessary for a good workout.  Changing in rooms and shower facilities are available.

Rates:  All rates include the use of the facility – no additional user fees or gym membership is required.  Sessions last approximately 55 to 60 minutes.


  • One Person: One session $75.00.
  • Two Persons: One session 86.00.
  • Three Persons: One session 96.00.

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Ian Adamson

Danny Suter is one of the most experienced and skilled endurance coaches in the multi-sport business. I highly recommend his training programs for adventure athletes of any level or for people wanting to hone their skills or fitness.

- Ian Adamson, Eight-time world champion adventure racer and author of Runner’s World’s Guide to Adventure Racing.


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