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Danny Suter

Certified Personal Trainer and
Licensed Endurance Sports Coach

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General Back Ground:

My unique background, including family life, adventure & extreme sports, and as a competitive endurance athlete, allows me to truly understand each client’s individual situation and therefore implement very effective, comprehensive functional strength training and endurance training programs . I’ve competed in Ironman, Eco Challenge, Raid Gauloises as well as hundreds of triathlons, road/mountain bike races, and running events around the world.

In addition to competitive endurance sports events, I’ve spent nearly twenty-five years climbing (rock, ice, alpine), kayaking (white water, ocean), sailing, skiing, golfing, surfing, snowboarding, sky diving, and even spent several years training in ballet and martial arts. Chances are that I have first hand experience in your sport or hobby.

I live in Boulder with my daughter. I am a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a USA Cycling Level I Coach and a USA Triathlon Level I Coach.

Endurance Sports Coaching

I provide on line individual coaching (Ski mountaineering (rando racing), ultra-endurance mountain biking, triathlon, cycling, running, adventure race training), and adventure race team coaching using a comprehensive web tool.  With this web based coaching program, your training is structured for an entire season based on your goals and experience.  Using this tool, detailed training sessions are created and are viewed by each day, week or month.  Workouts are planned and updated as often as necessary.  Additionally, the web tool contains a log program so both coach and athlete can monitor training volume and track results.  In addition to on line programs, many athletes also take advantage of face to face skills & technique sessions to address any critical performance limiters.  While I coach athletes in many sports, adventure race training, ski mountaineering and ultra endurance mountain biking are an areas of special interest to me.  With a long, varied back ground and extensive adventure race experience, back-country skiing, and endurance mountain biking, I offer programs with a level of sophistication, knowledge and experience that other coaches can’t.

Danny Suter Endurance Coaching Services & Rate:

There are two options available, One-on-one Premium Coaching and 3-Month Custom Training Plans.  Both options provide totally customized training appropriate for each individual athlete’s goals, history, and resources.  The primary difference it the level of communication.  With the 3-month plan, the intensive communication is up front.  With the Premium Coaching, intensive communication is on going.

All Personalized Coaching Plans offer the following

  • Initial coach/athlete orientation to discuss past training and experience.
  • Goal setting and a periodized training program to achieve those goals.
  • Field testing to determine training zones (Heart Rate and/or Wattage).
  • Detailed daily workouts specific to each athlete’s goals and experience level.
  • Interaction with a coach by phone, and/or via email.
  • Use of online workout planner and interactive website.
  • Guidance on race/ride strategy, mental preparation, equipment, and proper ride and recovery nutrition.
  • All coaching programs require athletes to use a power meter for the bike training and a downloadable HR monitor (Gramin 405 is recommended).  Discounts on these products are available with coaching packages if athletes need these critical tools.


One-on-One Premium Coaching:


The One-on-One coaching provides the highest level of coach/athlete interaction and communication.  The goal of the personalized One on One coaching is to not only structure your training around your season goals, but to also allow for frequent revisions of your training as necessary to make sure everything stays on track.  This is possible because of the close coach/athlete communication and my ability to revise your training as needed to take into account any “life factors” that might disrupt or affect your optimal training.

This plan allows for your training to be based around Heart Rate, Pace and Power based Training Zones to maximize the effectiveness and benefits of all your training.  Athletes use a downloadable Heart Rate monitor/GPS device and Power Meter (bike). I analyze everything about your training and chart your progress.  All of your metrics (HR, power, kJ, TSS, IF, and Training Stress Balance scores) will be tracked and analyzed over both macro- and mesocycles using Training Peaks WKO+ Training Software and the unique Performance Chart Manager.  Your Training Zones are re-calculated throughout the year as needed, and your workouts are updated to reflect changes in those zones.  Your training log is reviewed weekly (sometimes daily) and workout revisions are provided as needed.  Contact is unlimited through either email and/or phone.

3-Month Custom Training Plan:

$750/12 week period

This plan provides a personalized and structured training program based upon your season goals and is set up similar to the One on One coaching plan.  Generally, there is in-depth communication up front to gather information about athlete’s history, goals and resources.  Also, when the 3-month plan is “delivered,” we make sure everything is clear. From there, athletes execute the plan as written.  While we help explain how to manage changes in the initial communication, the coach makes no revisions in the plan. At the end of every 3-month block, we analyze where your training is at and plan accordingly for another 3-month block.  This is a great way to go with experience athletes or with athletes who have spent several months as Premium Coaching Clients.

Contact me at dannys@boulderperformance.net or call 303-818-8374.

Functional Strength Training:

I believe in an integrated fitness approach and that each functional strength training program must be specifically tailored for each individual and their goals. Whether your goals include extreme sports, endurance events, local races, functional strength training or keeping up with your kids (the ultimate endurance event), my experience with so many activities & sports, intimate knowledge the most current & effective training methods, and my passion for teaching will allow you to avoid injury and reach your goals with strength, confidence and endurance.

In a private training studio/gym, I offer one-on-one personal training & small group personal training.  This is functional strength training at its best.  I use the latest techniques in a state of the art facility.  This makes strength training fun, safe and effective.  If you want to gain strength, agility, improve range of motion, increase power, improve your fitness for a specific sport, or simple have more energy for your active life, schedule an introductory/evaluation session in the gym!  Fees include approximately one hour session PLUS the use of the facility (so there are no additional gym membership fees required).


  • One Person: One session $75.00.
  • Two Persons: One session 86.00.
  • Three Persons: One session 96.00.


Athletic accomplishments and experience:

  • Running PR’s: 10K 36:00, 5K 16:58.
  • Triathlon PR’s: Ironman: 10:34, Olympic: 1:58:32.
  • Road Cycling: Cat 2 — ABR Master’s National Crit Championships 3rd place, Colorado State TT 40K 53:35, Steamboat Stage Race Master 45+ GC winner 2013 & 2014, Boulder Roubaix Road Race Master 45+ 2012 winner, Coal Miner’s Crit Master 45+ 2014 winner
  • Adventure Racing: 7th Eco Challenge Canada 2003, 12 international expedition length races, numerous top 10 finishes and several wins in regional and national adventure races.
  • Climbing: 5.11 rock, Grade 5 ice and Grade V alpine.
  • Kayaking: Class IV white water, Thousands of mile of Sea Kayaking
  • Sky diving: 248 jumps including a 24 point 4 way.
  • Sailing: Boston – Halifax Ocean Race, Bermuda — Boston passage & thousands of coastal miles.
  • Open Water scuba certification 50 dives.
  • Down hill & telemark skiing and snowboarding.
  • Surfing, golfing, tennis, wrestling, yoga, martial arts, ballet and even underwater basket weaving!!!


Client Testimonials

“Endurance athlete Danny Suter has an extraordinary combination of world class race experience of all sorts, advanced skills in each individual discipline and solid fitness & coaching credentials. I would recommend him to any adventure athlete looking to improve their performance.”

Barry Siff, Adventure Racer, Triathlete, Author of The Ultimate Guide to Adventure Racing and CEO of 5430 Sports, Boulder, CO

“Danny’s positive attitude and realistic expectations of my abilities make him a pleasure to work with. He enabled me to access the mindset and skills to accomplish MY athletic goals.”

Megan Woelk, Surgical Equipment Sales Manager, Ironman Finisher. Boulder Colorado

“I got remarkable results from my workouts with Danny – my core muscles became so strong, my low back injury disappeared, and my running endurance increased significantly. Danny’s workouts were always fun and challenging, based on his vast knowledge of training techniques, and he designed each session to meet my individual needs. Thank You !”

Genevieve Breben, Registered Nurse, Elite Armature Marathoner, Adventure Racer and Ironman Triathlete – Cuppertino California.

“Before Danny, I was training 15-20 hours/week and felt like I was gaining little progress. Danny created a plan to help squeeze every ounce out of my training hours. Now my peak weeks max out at about 15 hours and not only am I in the best shape ever, Danny’s plan taught me to improve all of the other aspects of my adventure racing, i.e. gear, transitions, food and hydration.”

Eric Ervin, Market Analyst, Adventure Racer, San Diego CA.
“Working with Danny Suter has been an awesome experience. As a result of working with Danny my fitness level has gone through the roof, and my skill and confidence on the bike have reached a level I never would have thought possible. At age 44 I competed in my first MTB race, the Ultra 100 at Beaver Creek, and had the ride of my life! Thanks Danny!”

Dr. David Boynton, Chiropractor, Mtn. Biker, Boulder CO

“I have been consistently working out with Danny for the past year and my body feels/looks better and stronger than ever, my posture has greatly improved, I have lost 15 pounds, and my low back problems have almost disappeared. I feel totally spoiled working out with Danny. I love his humor, his positive attitude, and his focus and direction has helped keeps me on track so that I keep progressing. Working out with Danny has been one of the best things I have done for myself in years!”

Maria Hassett, Massage Therapist, skier, Mtn. biker, Boulder CO

“Danny’s approach to endurance training and coaching is different than any other coach I have talked to or worked with. Danny integrates his background in endurance sports, cutting edge sports science and unique approach to personal training into a complete package. He has been able to address core-strength imbalances in the gym, continually adjust my workouts to allow for a 50 hour + work week and get me physically and mentally ready for grueling 24 hour solo mountain bike races, all while keeping training and racing in perspective and fun. Danny has been able to help me reach my goals of winning a solo endurance race, staying injury free and keeping late season burn-out at bay. The season is not over yet, and I’m still going strong and feeling motivated! Thanks.”

Fred Marmsater PHD, Research Scientist, Ultra Distance Mtn. Biker (3rd National 24 Hour Mtn. Biker Championships 2004), Longmont, CO.

“Danny Suter is an incredibly motivating, progressive trainer/endurance athlete using state of the art training technique. He is truly a pleasure to work with and his core focused training has improved my biking, skiing, yoga and all around athletic ability.”

Shelby Downs, Realtor, Mtn. Biker, Skier, Boulder, CO

“I have only been working with Danny for a few weeks, but already I have noticed a significant improvement. Certainly my body is getting stronger (and I expect to only see more improvement in the future), however where I’ve noticed the biggest change is in my attitude and how I feel about my body. Danny’s energy and enthusiasm inspire me (and I am not one who is easily inspired). He makes me believe not only that my goals are within reach, but also that I’m worthy of aspiring to them. I look forward to continuing to work with Danny to achieve new levels of fitness and (more importantly) new levels of belief in myself and my body.”

Kristen Meador, Marketing Manager, Triathlete, Boulder, CO.

“Working with Danny has been enjoyable and has exceeded all my expectations. We have worked on many aspects for optimal performance from goal setting, developing a custom training plan, nutrition, recovery, visualization, etc. I have reach my season’s goals with regular podium finish, a win and a podium spot on the Mountain States Cup series!”

Rachel Ouwinga, Bakery Manager, Expert Class Mountain Biker, Boulder, CO.

Danny’s functional strength training has allowed me to stay injury free and produce more power on the bike. He uses exercise and strength routines that are interesting, fun and challenging so that you often forget you are working so hard. I would highly recommend Danny as a trainer to any athlete since his emphasis on core strength and neuromuscular techniques benefits all types of activities.

Eric Ray, Senior scientist, NOAA, Cat 2 Road Cyclist, Boulder, CO.


Footer: Danny Suter, a Boulder Performance Network endurance athlete specializes in functional strength training, one-on-one endurance sports coaching, and adventure race training.  He is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a USA Cycling Level II Coach and a USA Triathlon Level I Coach. Danny lives in Boulder, Colorado with his daughter.

Contact:  dannys@boulderperformance.net or call 303-818-8374 or 303-818-8374.

Ian Adamson

Danny Suter is one of the most experienced and skilled endurance coaches in the multi-sport business. I highly recommend his training programs for adventure athletes of any level or for people wanting to hone their skills or fitness.

- Ian Adamson, Eight-time world champion adventure racer and author of Runner’s World’s Guide to Adventure Racing.


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