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If you are interested in training camps, clinics, seminars or presentations for yourself, your team, or your organization, please contact us to discuss a customized program to suite your needs.  Danny Suter and the entire BPN network conduct seminars, presentations, training clinics and training camps in Boulder Colorado and around the country.  Some of the most popular topics include:

  • Endurance Training Methodology and Periodization – seminar & presentation
  • Functional Strength Training – Clinic, seminar, presentation
  • Performance Strength Training for Sports Performance – Clinic, seminar, presentation
  • Adventure Racing – camp, clinic
  • Navigation – clinic
  • Training with a Power Meter for Cycling – seminar, clinic, camp
  • Total Athlete Development – presentation
  • Total Health & Wellness Lifestyle – presentation, seminar

What’s included?  In general, presentations are 1 to 3 hours in a tradition lecture format covering a limited topic.  Seminars are more in-depth and/or cover a broader topic and run 1/2 to a full day.  Most include participatory learning activities.  Clinics run 1/2 to a full day and focus on hands on learning and doing to develop specific “hard” skills on a fairly narrow subject matter.  Camps run 1 to several days and include many in depth hands on training sessions as well as presentations depending on client goals.



Ian Adamson

Danny Suter is one of the most experienced and skilled endurance coaches in the multi-sport business. I highly recommend his training programs for adventure athletes of any level or for people wanting to hone their skills or fitness.

- Ian Adamson, Eight-time world champion adventure racer and author of Runner’s World’s Guide to Adventure Racing.


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